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Social Media

I get asked the same question a lot…like, a lot.

What does a social media manager do?

The fact is, I can’t speak for all social media managers.  But what I can do is talk to you about how I personally do business and how I help you.

  1. I save you time.
    As a business owner your time is ridiculously precious.  You know that social media is important, or maybe you don’t, but you just don’t have time to build up a presence.  The thing is, I can do it in a lot less time than you can.  A task that take you hours may only take me fifteen minutes.  That’s the great thing about hiring someone who is skilled at their craft.
  2. I take away some stress.
    I have heard it so many times it’s crazy, “I come up with good ideas to post, but then it’s been so long since I posted before that I figure no one will even see it or they’ll think I’m a flake.”  The stress of creating those posts leads to post-paralysis, a term I just coined right now in this paragraph lol.  It leads you to not making any new content for fear of it making your business look worse than if you just didn’t post at all.  I help you by consistently posting to your social networks.
  3. I keep you consistent.
    I know I mentioned this already, but I am able to make sure that your networks have consistent posting.  This leads to people viewing your business as credible, and up-to-date on your industry.  But that’s not the only way I help you stay consistent.  When we work together we talk about the voice of your brand and the ways to reach your target market.  I help be sure that we consistently reach out to the people you want to reach out to.

What does a social media manager not do?

  1. I don’t “just” post to Facebook.
    Nothing about my job is easy.  What I do for you is not the same as if you ask one of your friends to post for you on Facebook.  I have put in countless hours of education (because social media is always changing and I have to stay current on my knowledge) and countless hours of course work to be good at what I do.  This is a skilled profession and not at all the same as just making sure you have posts going up on your page.
  2. I don’t guarantee results.
    “What?  You don’t guarantee results?  Then why even hire a social media manager?”  Because while I don’t guarantee results, you’re going to get them.  People are going to find you thanks to the work that I put in, and you are going to make money.  I do promise you that you will see an increase in reach and that should result in an increase in sales, but I won’t guarantee you that I will get you 100 new followers by Friday or that you will sell an extra grand of services this month because of what I do.  I am just one part of the machine that is your business, and just because what I do is on point doesn’t mean that every single other part of your business is.  I can help you with other things too, but I can’t guarantee you results when I’m not a hands on part of every part of your business.
  3. I don’t pretend to know everything.
    There are a lot of business people out there who claim to be “gurus” and who pretend like they’ve got it all figured out, and maybe they do (or at least think they do).  The fact is though, there is no such thing is a be-all end-all social media expert.  I do consider myself an expert in my field, but that could all change with one algorithm change on Facebook or Instagram, and me dropping the ball by not staying up to date.  Am I going to drop that ball?  Nah.  But every “guru” is one step away from being behind and not know what they’re talking about.  If someone claims to have ALL the answers, just back away slowly until you are out of sight.  Or maybe you have to like…make yourself look bigger.  Isn’t that how you scare off bears?  Or is that something else I’m thinking of?  *shrug* you get my point.

Hopefully all of this helps out a bit, and if you have more in depth questions about what it is that I do, don’t forget that you can always reach out to me and we can video chat or something!