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There is something BIG coming to Virginia Beach.

,,,and I’m excited to tell you all about it!

Yes, I’m a little bit (a big bit) biased because I’ll be speaking at the event, but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s going to be epiiiiiic and that you need to be there :).

Social Media Marketing Made Easy is a two day workshop that’s affordable, efficient, and designed for business owners just like you. This isn’t one of those fluffy events that gets you super fired up while you’re there, but leaves you not knowing how to keep that motivation going once you leave.  No, the speakers are putting together an empowering event that will walk you through the social media basics that all business owners should know.  You will leave with actionable steps to grow your business through social media.

How great is that?

Leaving and feeling empowered to actually grow your business?

Who are theses wonderful speakers?  While I’d love to post all of their bios here, that would just make for one LONG read for you!  Instead, I’m going to post their names and what they will be speaking about, plus I’ll link you to their business pages on Facebook wherever I can!  Oh, and if you want to read all of those wonderful bios you can check them out on the Social Media Marketing Made Easy site.

Keynote Speaker : Jennifer Allwood

Facebook Ads : Angela Herrington

Instagram With Intention : Sharmetra Pittman

Facebook Messenger Bots : Sarah Hanford

Google Search : Melanie Diehl

Facebook Live : Christina Hudler (hey, that’s me!)

Pinterest : Brittany Hanson

Growing Your Business Through Social Media & Email Marketing : Cindi Pope and Trish Gleason

Together these ladies are going teach you how to create an easy to implement strategy that fosters brand awareness, increases website traffic, and drives sales through social media!  Plus, the meeting space is beach front, so once things are over you can go catch some rays and have your own mini-vacay.

Can’t make it this year?  Don’t worry, if all goes to plan this will be held every year!

With all of that said, I hope that some of you out there will join us.  This is sure to not only be educational, but fun, and what can go wrong when there’s a beach view?



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Social Media Marketing Made Easy - Virginia Beach, VA

Christina, owner at Hudler Social, is a content creation machine with an affinity for treating the businesses she works with as her own.  She believes that brand authenticity is the key to a headache free social media strategy and, together with her husband, she helps companies tell their story to the world.  Christina is a contributor at The Huffington Post where she tackles misinformation and keeps her readers up to date on changes in social media.  She also feels strongly that you never stop learning, especially as an entrepreneur.  This belief is what drives her desire to learn.  Some of the certifications she holds and courses she has attended include Hubspot Inbound Marketing, Hootsuite University, and Social Media United.  In her free time Christina is an avid reader and lover of all things unicorn.