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Christina, co-owner and head strategist at Hudler Social, teaches entrepreneurs to ignore the pressure of how they “should be” running their business and instead learn to trust their own instincts by building their brand in a way they can feel good about. She specializes in building brand authenticity and believes it is also the key to a long-term headache free social media strategy.  Christina educates businesses on how to integrate Facebook Live into their marketing plan in order to connect with their customers on a new, and personal, level that humanizes their brand. She accomplishes this through business consulting, group trainings, and public speaking engagements.

Christina and her family make their home in coastal North Carolina where they pride themselves on walking their talk by supporting local and small businesses whenever possible. Christina also works tirelessly to help professionals in her area network with one another and learn to focus on collaboration instead of competition.

In her free time Christina is an avid reader and lover of all things unicorn.