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Dear Hostgator,

I don’t know how to tell you this, but it’s over.

There’s no cliché to give you.  I won’t say, “it’s not you, it’s me,” because the fact is…it’s you.

I have been a happy Hostgator user for many years.  Whenever I would have some harebrained idea that I wanted to turn into a website, I went to you.  I knew that you would be an affordable way to start things up, but also something I could easily cancel my account with if I decided that this idea wasn’t the big one.

For a long time you were a great host.  In fact, even when you became a part of EIG and I heard a lot of complaints from people about your customer service going down the shitter, I would stand up for you.  “Oh, I’ve been using them for years with no problems!” I would tell my friends.  “Hmmm I’ve had great experiences with their customer service, I don’t know why you’re having so many issues!”

But as time has gone on things have gotten worse.

I would have a customer service issue and try to reach out, and things wouldn’t get resolved.  Eventually I would receive a seemingly canned apology message that still didn’t fix my problem or really talk about it in any way.  Then I’d leave your hosting, usually completely shutting my website down.

Then eventually I would come back again, knowing that you were affordable and remembering that people can always change – and so it would be safe to assume that hosting companies can too.

…and things would be good for a while.  Until they weren’t.

The cycle would continue, but I didn’t want to leave my safety bubble.  You were familiar, and I liked familiar.

Well, the most recent issues I’ve had were really the tipping point.  I won’t go into all of them here because the ultimate issue was more with the way the situations were handled vs. the actual problems I had.

First you ignored my responses to my open ticket regarding the new domain I was trying to purchase at the time.

Then, when I finally said enough is enough, you decided you could finally respond and it left me stuck with a domain I had no use for.

Then when I reached out to you about an error people were receiving, I was told to invest in something that I said I already had an equivalent of and that you get a kick back from.  It’s sketchy.

You’re sketchy.

And these aren’t the first issues I’ve had, so yea Hostgator – it’s you.

Someone who is super annoyed with you, but doesn’t hate you, but like…also won’t be suggesting you to my friends.


With all that said, without Hostgator where can someone go?

I’m headed to Hostwinds, and I want to tell you why.

When I was checking out other hosts on Google I found one big problem:

Most, if not all, of the ones found were owned by EIG.  These are the same people who own Hostgator now and I just have too bad of a taste in my mouth right now to risk that.

I had heard good things about Siteground, and they were definitely in the running.

But then I found a chart on PC Mag’s website comparing a few different low cost hosts, and since I try to bootstrap my business, I was interested in what they had to say.

Hostgator and Hostwinds were the two editor’s choices, and we all know how I felt about the first one.  So with that said, I went to Hostwinds and boy did I have a lot of questions.  I clicked their chat and was immediately met with someone to speak to.  Zero wait time, and he was super nice to boot!

That chat is where I learned that Hostwinds was actually created because of the owner being sick of the way that a certain alligator-themed competitor was treating customers after they were acquired by EIG.

I don’t blame him, I’m sick of it too.

I’m only at the beginning of the process with Hostwinds, but I can already see how amazing their customer service is and that alone has me excited to see where this is headed.  Here is the plan – get everything migrated over (for free btw) and update you guys in 30 days.

That means you have to be sure to keep up with my blog or the Facebook page so that you know when I’ve updated.  Or hell, put it on your Google calendar.  In about one month, more specifically on April 2nd, I will give you guys an update on my experience with Hostwinds.

Until then, if you decide you want to try out a new host, feel free to use my affiliate link.  It won’t cost ya anything, but it will help out our little business here at Hudler Social.

So tell me, what host are you currently using?  Do you love them?  Let me know in the comments <3

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